Wicked Events specialises in recruiting and managing volunteer stewards at many events and festivals across the UK

The Wicked Events Team pride themselves on being practical, approachable, professional and fun; and all work carried out with a great sense of humour (and the odd spelling listake).

If you have a problem, we may well have the answer and our expertise can be deployed in any area in which you might need assistance with.

We are happy to talk with you concerning any requirement you may have; but first please read our testimonials below.


"We have worked with Wicked Events for a number of years, and are more than impressed with the way they manage all our steward operations; always happy to help, and managing our volunteer steward base under the pressures that only a weekend festival generates- we wouldn’t want to work with anyone else now"

Graeme Merrifield

Director, Wychwood Music Festival

"We contacted Wicked Events a number of years ago to help sort out some problems we were having with steward management. At the time there was a reluctance among our team to employ a professional in this capacity when we had previously relied totally on volunteers. I can honestly say that this is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Sue’s expertise and advice is invaluable and always given with grace. The stewards all love and respect her and we now have a happy team that functions extremely effectively. As far as our budget planning goes, Wicked Events is now the first name on the team sheet"

Mike Kirrage

Gate to Southwell Festival

"Wicked Events have been working with us at Larmer Tree Festival for many years and I can honestly say that whatever the circumstances they have ALWAYS delivered the goods – and do it with a huge smile to boot!"

James Shepard

Director, Larmer Tree Festival

"Sue & her team are an essential part of Cornbury and have been for many years. I wouldn’t want to do the festival without them. Their contribution to the good natured, helpful and calm atmosphere of our event is extremely important"

Hugh Phillimore

Sound Advice & The Cornbury Music Festival

"Sue, James and the team from Wicked Events have been bringing their smiles, enthusiasm and endless energy to Just So Festival and other Wild Rumpus events for many years now and thank goodness because they take all of the stress out of our stewarding, car parking, waste collection and traffic management….it also helps that as well as being incredibly well organised they’re bloomin' lovely people. I would recommend them to anyone (who doesn’t have an event on the 3rd weekend in August)"

Sarah Bird

Wild Rumpus. Timber & Just So Festivals

"Wicked Events are indeed wicked, having been part of End of the Road festival for all of our existence. They handle all the stewarding – the recruitment and management of the volunteers that do all those tasks familiar to festival goers. Sue and her staff do a great job, and with a grace and humour that I really like. Don’t give 'em any more work, or they might put their prices up!"

Phillip Wicks

End of the Road Festival

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